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Foundations for Montessori Inclusion
Foundations for Montessori Inclusion

The storied Hellbrügge program comes to the U.S. at last

Montessori in Milwaukee Public Schools
Montessori in Milwaukee Public Schools

A district-wide system dating back to the 1970s

Montessori inclusion training in Milwaukee

This article is reprinted from the Winter 2019 issue of MontessoriPublic—Print Edition – View PDF. A European inclusion model with a Montessori history comes to the U.S. A prominent, decades-old European Montessori inclusion model, little-known in the English-speaking world, is […]

Penfield Montessori Academy:
A New Chapter in Milwaukee Montessori

Penfield Children’s Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a long-standing program for children with developmental delays and other special needs, is opening Penfield Montessori Academy, a Montessori charter school serving special needs and neighborhood children, starting with Children’s House but with plans to […]