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Lessons learned at Tobin in Cambridge

In April, 2021, we spoke with Principal Jaime Frost and Montessori Specialist Erin Gutierrez about their pandemic adaptations and plans for the fall.

Wildflower schools are growing and spreading
Wildflower schools are growing and spreading

This article appears in the Fall 2019 issue of MontessoriPublic — Print Edition. Radical decentralization drives the network Wildflower Schools, a network (or “ecosystem”) of decentralized Montessori microschools, led by “teacher-leaders”, that support children, teachers, and parents, were the 2014 […]

Public, Private, or Something in Between? A New Model for Montessori Schools

We usually think of Montessori schools as one of two things: public or private. But there’s another model: “Tuition-based, access-oriented” schools…

Teach For America Exec to Head Wildflower

Wildflower, an open-source platform for a network of single-classroom storefront Montessori schools (read more here) is moving into a new phase with the establishment of the Wildflower Foundation and the recruitment of Matt Kramer, a ten year veteran of Teach […]

Wildflowers Bloom in Montessori

Wildflower.  Dandelion. Marigold.  Snowdrop.  Wild Rose.  You may have seen them sprouting up in your Facebook feed or your Montessori network, but what are they? Wildflower Montessori is the inspiration of Sep Kamvar, professor of Media Arts and Sciences and […]

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