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Wildflower schools are growing and spreading
Wildflower schools are growing and spreading

This article appears in the Fall 2019 issue of MontessoriPublic — Print Edition. Radical decentralization drives the network Wildflower Schools, a network (or “ecosystem”) of decentralized Montessori microschools, led by “teacher-leaders”, that support children, teachers, and parents, were the 2014 […]

Credential Recognition for Montessori Training

This article appears in the Spring 2018 print issue of MontessoriPublic. Eight states now recognize the diploma, with more on the way We have a crisis in Montessori public Schools. There is a shortage of Montessori credentialed teachers.  The Montessori credential is not […]

Montessori for Homeless Families

Montessori in a homeless shelter?

You might be thinking, “How is that going to work?”

But it’s working, in two inspiring programs in South Bend, Indiana, and St. Paul, Minnesota.

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